Pricing depends mainly on the size of your quilt.  I quilt primarily using edge-to-edge pantographs, and I strive for excellence.  Please review the finished examples in the Quilting Portfolio to view my work.

Pantograph quilting (edge-to-edge):  $0.015/sq. in. for most pantographs.  $35.00 minimum charge.

Custom Quilting:  Truthfully, I am not comfortable pricing out customized quilting as I do not quilt customized very often. You will find some custom work on some quilt pictures in the Quilting Portfolio because some quilts just demand it.  Prices start at 0.035 per sq. in.

Binding* (optional):  I offer two binding options:
    * Attach binding to front of quilt by machine / you hand-sew to back:  $0.05/linear inch    
    * Attach binding to back of quilt and then finishing with machine-sewing to the front:  $0.10/linear inch

Shipping* (as needed):  Priority USPS return shipping with delivery confirmation.  There is a flat shipping charge of $14.50 that I will add to all orders to help cover part of the return shipping cost.  The USPS Large Flat Rate box is the size needed most often to ship a completed quilt.  I will always cover cost for insurance.

Batting* (optional):  I generally have Warm-n-Natural or Warm-n-White batting readily available;  this option could save you some expense of shipping your batting to me, if that's the case.
   $ 0.25 per inch - Warm & White in stock - 90" wide ($9.00/yard)
   $ 0.25 per inch - Warm & Natural in stock - 90" wide ($9.00/yard)

Thread (no fee):
I use only Aurifil thread in my quilting machine and generally insist on having quilting thread and bobbin thread colors match. Colors always in stock:  
2024 (White); 
2310 (Cream / Lt. Beige); 
2314 (Tan / Lt.Med.Beige); 
2370 (Taupe / Md. Dk. Beige); 
2600 (Silver / Lt. Gray)

I can quilt up to King size: 110 x 110 -- size isn't a restriction.

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