Prepare Your Quilt

Preparing Your Quilt for Quilting

What you need to do:

* Select your pantograph pattern (Pantographs available page). I can help with this :)
* Email ( to receive an accurate price quote for your specific quilt top, pantograph quilting & any optional services.
* Square your quilt top, press your seams flat, and trim clumps and long unraveled threads. 
* Cut and square your quilt backing.
IMPORTANT:  Backing must be 6 inches wider and longer than your overall quilt top.   This means 3" excess on the top, 3" on the bottom, and 3" on each side.  This is needed for pinning the backing to the quilt frame canvases and to allow room for the side-clamps that hold the backing in place when quilting.
Mark the top of your quilt if it is not obvious -- A safety pin or a bit of fabric loosely stitched on or near the top works well.
* If you do not purchase from me, provide batting the same size as the backing,  i.e. at least 6 inches wider and longer than your overall quilt top.
* Binding (optional): If you want me to complete your quilt, provide the fabric needed for binding that is 2.5 inches wide and at least 24 inches longer than the perimeter of your quilt edge (2L + 2W + 24).  We can discuss the exact yardage needed for binding before finalizing your transaction. 
I offer machine binding with two options (see pricing page).  Any excess binding will be returned with your completed quilt.
PictureShipping Advice
I recommend shipping using USPS Priority Mail.  
PLEASE wrap your items in plastic to protect them against any dangers of shipping damage.
Free Priority boxes are available at the post office:  Priority Mail Box O-1095 works great for shipping quilt tops and backings.

Priority Mail Box O-BOX7 works well if you are sending me batting with your quilt; this is also the box I typically mail completed quilts back in.

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